Saturday, 11 August 2018

With the STRIKE this coming Wednesday 15th August, Room 1 answered 2 questions to show their support, and to raise awareness around the value of Teachers.

Why are teachers so important?

Teachers are important because they become a part your family; they care and make sure you're safe. They also teach you a lot of things we don't know, and need to know.
(Samira E.)

Because you need them to help you understand and work things out. (Sulu L.)

They teach us valuable information. (Joseph M.)

To help us with our learning; so then we getter better at reading and mathematics. (Salote V.)

Teachers help kids to learn things they need as they move up in their school life.
(Sabriya S.)

They are like our parents; they want us to get the best out of school, and in life.
(Erica N.)

Teachers are important people because they go out of their way to help us learn the way we want to. (Miako M.)

Because without them - schools would not exist for students to learn. (Jaedyn A.)

They teach us the skills we need to live in this world. (Jacob N.)

Teachers are important because they work really hard before, during and after school. (Junaid K.) 

They help us understand a lot of things that we need to - by going out of their way to teach us. (Ayaan. A)

The greatest Teachers I ever had encouraged me to explore my options. They taught me to trust in my ability to achieve all I put my mind to. (S. Peautau)

How do you know Teachers work beyond the call of duty? 

They show us genuine love and work hard even when we've gone home. (Samira E.)

Because they are all good leaders. (Sulu L.)

They work long hours to get things prepared for our learning. (Joseph M.)

Learning is so much fun. (Salote V.)

They care a lot about each and every one of us. (Sabriya S.)

We get homework to help our learning, and my Teacher does not let me muck around. (Erica N.)

They do all they can to help us understand something, even if we don't understand/get it the first time. (Miako M.)

Teachers stay back (at school) really late, and work through their holidays (Jaedyn A.)

The work they give us is challenging but not difficult that we don't complete it. (Jacob N.)

Working long hours, and dealing with challenging kids (Junaid K.)

They go home to their families so late, because they stay behind to plan stuff for us. They also spend their own money to buy resources that help our learning. (Ayaan A.)

I knew my Teachers worked hard for us because they would turn up to school so early, and leave extremely late. I also knew this because learning was so much fun. I remember the tasks being exciting, and they made me always want to turn up to school. (S. Peautau)


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