Monday, 17 September 2018



He aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the most important thing in the world, it is people, it is people, it is people.

This was an emotional week for Homai. This week we had our Maori whanau step up and lead yet another successful week; most of these our beginning teachers. Teachers who took on the role to share their knowledge and help us develop our reo and tikanga Maori. The students yet again experienced and learnt about all things Maori, and even the staff got on board. The challenge for our staff was to learn Paikea (Maori waiata) and haka (Tika tonu) over 4 days. We did have lots of support from our amazing Maori experts, and did well to showcase our learning and appreciation for our Maori whanau. 



What a successful Uike Lea faka-Tonga! 

This week has been all about the beautiful island of TONGA. Homai kick started the week with a successful flag raising ceremony, where we sang the national anthem and had a member of our amazing community lead us off in prayer and words of encouragement. 

We then had lots of activities to do in class throughout the week. It was great to see how excited and interested students were to take part in learning the language and the Tongan culture. 

Friday was full on; with classes sharing their learning and watching the dances the Tongan group worked effortlessly to prepare for this week. 

The best part was the delicious Tongan dishes the community kindly put together for the school, there was loads of food left over. To end such an amazing week, the whole school danced around the field to the flag pole where we said a prayer and lowered the flag to gift to the Mavae family. 

A huge shout out to our families who came together to make this week so successful, we cannot thank you enough, without your support, this would not have been possible. 

The staff at Homai looked Tongan proud, and speaking for myself, I couldn't have been more proud to be a part of such an outstanding week - learning about the precious Tongan culture and doing this for them!


Malo aupito

Saturday, 11 August 2018

With the STRIKE this coming Wednesday 15th August, Room 1 answered 2 questions to show their support, and to raise awareness around the value of Teachers.

Why are teachers so important?

Teachers are important because they become a part your family; they care and make sure you're safe. They also teach you a lot of things we don't know, and need to know.
(Samira E.)

Because you need them to help you understand and work things out. (Sulu L.)

They teach us valuable information. (Joseph M.)

To help us with our learning; so then we getter better at reading and mathematics. (Salote V.)

Teachers help kids to learn things they need as they move up in their school life.
(Sabriya S.)

They are like our parents; they want us to get the best out of school, and in life.
(Erica N.)

Teachers are important people because they go out of their way to help us learn the way we want to. (Miako M.)

Because without them - schools would not exist for students to learn. (Jaedyn A.)

They teach us the skills we need to live in this world. (Jacob N.)

Teachers are important because they work really hard before, during and after school. (Junaid K.) 

They help us understand a lot of things that we need to - by going out of their way to teach us. (Ayaan. A)

The greatest Teachers I ever had encouraged me to explore my options. They taught me to trust in my ability to achieve all I put my mind to. (S. Peautau)

How do you know Teachers work beyond the call of duty? 

They show us genuine love and work hard even when we've gone home. (Samira E.)

Because they are all good leaders. (Sulu L.)

They work long hours to get things prepared for our learning. (Joseph M.)

Learning is so much fun. (Salote V.)

They care a lot about each and every one of us. (Sabriya S.)

We get homework to help our learning, and my Teacher does not let me muck around. (Erica N.)

They do all they can to help us understand something, even if we don't understand/get it the first time. (Miako M.)

Teachers stay back (at school) really late, and work through their holidays (Jaedyn A.)

The work they give us is challenging but not difficult that we don't complete it. (Jacob N.)

Working long hours, and dealing with challenging kids (Junaid K.)

They go home to their families so late, because they stay behind to plan stuff for us. They also spend their own money to buy resources that help our learning. (Ayaan A.)

I knew my Teachers worked hard for us because they would turn up to school so early, and leave extremely late. I also knew this because learning was so much fun. I remember the tasks being exciting, and they made me always want to turn up to school. (S. Peautau)

Monday, 23 July 2018


Kia ora whanau!

Welcome back to Term 3.

We have lots of great things happening this term, and I am happy to share that our new inquiry question is focussed on something close to home, this is....

How do we celebrate our culture?

Some other exciting news to share is Cook Islands Maori Language Week - next week. We are going to be holding a whanau evening (Thursday 5:30pm, in the staffroom) to share planning, and to gather your voice on a very important event.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Talofa lava, Bonjour & Greetings to you all

Your Room 1 BLOGSTARZ for this week are Mahida Sitwat and her buddy Asim Ahmed.

This week we furthered our learning on our inquiry; our focus and BIG question is - “Our choices impact our future - What footprint(s) do you want to leave?
We will be working on our own individual projects to demonstrate our understanding of our Inquiry focus, and will share this in Week 10

Our Teacher Mrs Peautau has asked each of us to think of a question that we would like to investigate for our Inquiry, here are some of the questions students in Room 1 have come up with…..

What is the best way we can help those in our community who are homeless? Miako Mavae      

Who are the people we need to work with, to help those in our community, who are without homes? Mahida Sitwat

Homai’s student leaders (Head/Deputy boy and girl, and whare leaders) will be working with a doctor and some Auckland University students once a week.

Junior School Update
Homai’s Junior students had their sleepover (as part of their Inquiry) yesterday and from the sounds of things - it was a HUGE success! How lucky were the Junior students, they were visited by Queen Elsa, Elmo, Olaf and Spiderman, how COOOOOL is that!

On Tuesday 22nd May, our boys rugby team represented our school at our Zone Rugby tournament. Zedric Leaso said “it was a great day out with the boys and Matua Edward, we really tried to use the skills we used during our practises when we played”.

Monday, 21 May 2018


  Nau mai, Haere mai, Afio mai, Bienvenido, and welcome.
Your BLOGSTAHZ for this week are,
Sabriya Sahib & Hamuera Cribb.

On Monday 14th May we had our school photos taken which was fun.

Our class was lucky enough to get a funny photo - massive shout out to Junaid & Leon for helping to get classes organised for school photos. 

We also had our Teacher/Whanau conferences on Wednesday l6th and Thursday 17th of May 2018.
The Teachers and students had been working so hard to set learning goals, and we were so excited to finally have Mrs Peautau meet with our parents to discuss ways that they can further help with our learning at home.

Here are only a few of the hardworking Teachers at Homai - preparing for our Guardianship Conferences.
(B) L-R: Mrs Peautau & Whaea Terangi
(M) L-R: Mrs Chinta & Mrs M
(Front) Mrs Helsham

We also had Counties Manukau in to work with us on Thursday 17th of MAY 2018, it was loads of fun.

This week - is also the start of the Muslim fasting period - so to acknowledge the start of 'Ramadan' and our Muslim whanau, our class has agreed not to play any music until this comes to a close. Ramadan began on the 16th May, and will go on until the 14th of June.

So bare in mind when you are around those who may be fasting this season.

Palmerston North Muslims gather for dinner and prayers.


Friday, 11 May 2018

L - R: Samira, Junaid, Miako, Keziah (back), Easter, Mahida

Malo e lelei & greetings everyone.
Your Blogstarz this week are Miako & Samira.

On Thursday 10th May, the Year 6 students went to the Auckland Maritime Museum. We did lots of fun things. First we sat down to have some morning tea, while group 1 went off - sailing first.

After morning tea, Leichelle (the facilitator) showed us a video, and taught us about the effect humans have on our waters. Each student was asked to take along a plastic bag, which we then used to make a flower. This flower was then added to a memorial called - R.I.P plastic bag. The idea was to encourage others to rethink the use of plastic bags because of the danger they put our sea life in.

Here are some photos of our amazing trip.

Here are some very important current & upcoming notices:
  • This week we started our cultural group rotations & whare challenges.
  • Monday 14th May - Class photos (students must be in full school uniform)
  • Champion Choices will continue on the same days & times (Tuesday & Thursday - last block)
  • School finishes early (1pm) on Wednesday 16th May - First day of Parent conferences.   
  • Second day for Parent conferences - Thursday 3:00 pm - 6:30pm.
  • Friday 18th May - Pink shirt mufti day. Raising awareness for bullying.


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